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Architect: Gustavson Wylie Architects (GWA)

"Windbreak, Sanctuary, Destination, Folly and Celebration...A functional artistic expression connecting community and visitors, Proudly Iconic both Nationally and locally.

A simple form contrasting highly in both shape and colour with its immediate surroundings. The warming puck draws attention and generates curiousity from afar. Upon closer inspection it presents itself as an assemblage created from a palettee of meaningful materilas and immediately recognisable forms. Entering this structure receals a pleasantly spacious enclosure within which smaller warning shelters provide respite from the wind and cold. Two design modules build four individual quadrats easily and economically. These pieces, once maneuvered into position are fastened together with a pair of entry vestibule frames and laced to a transluscent roof membrane.

Designed with a variety of local vernaculars in mind- recognizable familiar

Warming Hut V2_1 - Photo.jpg
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