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At GWA we believe in the power of connection and collaboration. Our outreach initiatives are designed to foster meaningful relationships within our community, empowering us to make a positive impact together.



GWA is proud to support and participate in the mentoring of future architects, GWA regularly takes on students from BCIT, UBC, and other universities for internships, coops, and summer work programs. While working at GWA students are exposed to the whole creative process, from schematic design to site visits. They learn what it is like to work in an architecture firm that prides itself in maintaining quality across every stage of the process, prioritizing the client first, and knowing what each part of the process means and how to get to the best outcome.

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As a way to engage with future architects, design thinkers, and students at the University of British Columbia, GWA is proud to demonstrate that we support diversity, equality, truth, and reconciliation through contributions to NOMAS - an organization that promotes reconciliation through design. GWA believes in design competition and recognizes the very unique experience that students obtain when they participate in clubs such as NOMAS.  At GWA, we support future talents and welcome passionate individuals.  We recognize the spirit of the design competition and believe that the experiences of design critique experience bring out a different side of design leadership. Equity is on our radar, which is why we are happy to support the students in NOMAS and the building of future architects and leaders.

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External Supporters

In Memoriam: Joe Segal

Joe Segal and the Kingswood Capital Corporation have been long-standing clients of GWA. Over the years, Joe Segal passed along the importance of family, and we wish to acknowledge the significant contributions that he has provided to us. He will be sadly missed.

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