The Ventana project is an 18-story building in Victoria, BC, and it has 25 residential units. The overall vision for the Ventana is to view the Harris Green Neighborhood as a whole, and offer the community an excellent opportunity for high end housing in the urban context near the Downtown core of Victoria, BC. While the Harris Green Neighborhood has a wide range of uses and dynamic activities; its growing availability of housing is functionally and economically strongest when its comprised of a diverse mix of people from different economic and social backgrounds as pointed out by author and urban theorist Jane Jacobs. The Mosaic Group of companies has strong investment in the Harris Green Neighborhood area of Victoria, with projects and offerings that span across economic and social groups to contribute to a healthy and holistic neighborhood. The Ventana building will connect with The Mosaic Group's neighbor building The Jukebox at 1029 View St, and will share a similar visual language and utilize two shared parking connections to maximize the Ventana's usable space on its lot. With the upcoming development of the Harris Green Village across the street, the high end Ventana tower is designed to feature large stunning apartments that sensitively blend into the nearby city fabric. A vibrant and lively mix of businesses will comprise the ground level, enriching and enhancing the heart of the street life and sidewalks around View St and Vancouver St. The proposed development responds to the site's strategic location and incorporates important city policy input by providing a range of uses and amenities to the community 


Victoria, BC




The Mosaic Group of Companies


Gustavson Wylie Architects (GWA)


Warrington PCI Management

MMoser Associates

Prism Engineering- Mechanical and electrical

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Photo with Client: Mosaic Group of Companies

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