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Location: Burnaby, BC

Size: 101,228 sf

Client: Telus

Architect: Gustavson Wylie Architects (GWA)


MMoser Associates

Wales McLelland Construction

Geopacific Consultants


BC Comfort Mechanical Contractor


pmg Landscape Architects

Hub Engineering Inc. - Engineering and Development Consultants

This 101,228-square-foot TELUS office building is the working space for the community of TELUS and is part of the large supporting network for data, cell service, and other TELUS operations.

The design of the office building mirrors its opposing building and is a retrofitted project. The design was determined by three governing factors: (1) the need to house work spaces for TELUS employees (2) the challenging site, sharing space with the BCIT campus, surrounded by trees and close to the highway, and (3) the existing building previously being a campus and requiring a lot of renovations.

Our design responds to these determinants directly by projecting a sequence of spaces into a curved form within the existing footprint. Existing within the existing envelope, the museum is crowned with a  flat roof and surrounded by trees while the interior pays tribute to these elements through the incorporation of greenery, natural colours, and warming timber elements.

The building is sited to be accessible from the main road and take advantage of the existing parking lot.  Visitors can either enter the lobby from the ground-level parking space or through the underground parkade. Inside, visitors are greeted by a grand lobby space with communal seating.

The interior form and character of the building are deliberately developed in unison with TELUS marketing team. The colours and materials reflect TELUS with a modern twist by utilizing new textures and materials by complimenting the surrounding trees and the curve of the building.

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