The design prompt for this site was to come up with a building that would provide health care offices for the nearby hospital. The design response included a walking bridge for people to easily be able to access the building from the direction of the hospital, as well as a response to the near by stream. The challenge for this site was navigating the parking required for the existing buildings on site, as well as for the new office space. As a preliminary exercise, we started with a design crit to come up with a massing that could exist with the necessary parking on the site and maximized height and density. The  result is a bold design, that compliments the surrounding buildings in form with round edges and a glass atrium, however provides a refreshing new twist to the built environment with some strong design features including a flag pole. 


Burnaby, BC


14, 000 sf (1300sm)


North Cowichan Fire Department


Gustavson Wylie Architects (GWA)

22095_220727_4225 Medical Office Tower V1_45 - LOBBY.jpg
22095_220727_4225 Medical Office Tower V1_35 - BRIDGE ENTRY.jpg
220727_Hero copy.jpg
22095_220727_4225 Medical Office Tower V1_36 - BRIDGE.jpg
drawing 1.jpg
Screenshot 2022-08-22 120202.jpg
4225 Kincaid 1.1.jpg
4225 Kincaid 2.1.jpg