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Location: North Vancouver, BC

Building Area: 1051.9 sm

Client: Audi

Architect: Gustavson Wylie Architects (GWA)

The proposed height for this building is 10.6 m. The design includes 37 lots for parking, as well as two bike parking spaces. The lot is surrounded by two major streets. The design challenge of the space was to create a space that brought together all of the programming in a cohesive manner. The program included: a service room, show area, reception, meeting spaces, loading, receiving, storage spaces and many more.

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Capilano Audi Horizontal Approach.jpeg
220322_18114_Audi Showroom_Kingspan_Horizontal_Columns_26 - Interior.jpg
220322_18114_Audi Showroom_Kingspan_Horizontal_Columns_24 - South Entry.jpg
220322_18114_Audi Showroom_Kingspan_Horizontal_Columns_29 - Photo.jpg
181016_Audi Sketch 3.jpg
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