Kingswood Capital Corporation required an existing facility to be renovated to meet the functional requirements of a trade school for British Columbia Institute of Technology and Vancouver Community College. The project demanded a thorough understanding of the existing condition and users’ needs in a short time period in order to maximize cost savings, while fulfilling the requirements and critical schedules. The design objective was to provide a quality educational environment where students have the resources to augment their knowledge and obtain industry experience. The campus is strategically located on Annacis Island where many international trade activities take place. The success of the Motive Power Centre of Excellence was due in large part to the intense collaboration between all Stakeholders and demonstrates what can happen when a common goal is identified early and upheld through the duration of the project. During the planning of the facility, it became evident to that the housing of a donated engine component had to have special recognition and prominence. Originally slated to be installed inside the back of the facility, GWA recognized that not only would this be a challenge moving into place, but that the display of the Engine could in fact represent the motto of the school being Motive Power. A jeweled type facility in curtain wall was then planned as an addition to the front of the school and the MAN Engine would sit alone under spot lights.

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Delta, B.C.