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Location: Burnaby, BC

Size: 22,000 sq. ft.

Client: Crestpoint Real Estate Investments Ltd.

Architect: Gustavson Wylie Architects (GWA)

Design Consultant: MMoser Associates

Mechanical & Electrical: Prism Engineering

Construction Manager: Warrington PCI Management

This project includes a new 22,000 square feet lobby design for the Canada Way business park. The building stands on the corner of Canada Way and Wayburne Ave. in Burnaby, BC. The lobby asserts its significance to the community and social atmosphere of the building by providing a common space for people from various programs to gather. ​The lobby is well-lit and provides easy access to the rest of the programming throughout the building. Its usage of natural tones, wood panelling, and textured textiles creates a welcoming and calm atmosphere. The interplay between the different materials gives the space a sense of depth and an inclusive atmosphere.

​The lobby, accessible by the front of the building, includes as requested by the client, a kitchen, café, bench seating, open booth seating, lounge seating, security desk, main lobby entrance with grand staircase, 2 elevators, men's, women's, and accessible washroom. It provides a refreshing nod to the atmosphere of the existing space, reinforcing a sense of communal gathering, and provides a welcoming approach and point of entry to the rest of the building.

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